Reagent is a global consulting firm that creates international business platforms to support your vision. We bring tailor-made events and interactive discussion formats to be integrated in the framework of already-existing regional or global platforms.

Collectively, the team has 32 years of experience at Davos, the world’s most successful convener of influential people and organisations. We have the ability to build thought-provoking global conversations around key challenges and the most salient issues in the world today. We deliver impressive and innovative formats that inspire and engage an audience, providing the client with a unique product and value proposition that creates a call to action involving all participants in ntoaningful dialogue.

We hand pick each speaker per audience and platform to give a qualitative visibility according to your objectives.

Reagent SA was founded in 2014 to deliver best-in-class public relations and end-to-end event services to our clients, embracing all skills and specialisations from across the communications spectrum. We are headquartered in Geneva.

We have unique access to high-profile speakers and audiences:

Head of State and high-level government officials

Business leaders

International organisations

International media partners

Topic experts



Industry distribution


  • Charity

    Reagent supports a number of children focused charities in two key ways. As an organization we work with select charity foundations. We select one project per year and volunteer fundraising activities. We actively encourage our people to be involved in other fundraising activities, charity interests and community work.

    In 2015, we contributed funds to the Youth Programme at the Leadership, Sustainability and Wellbeing Festival, an international research festival on leadership, sustainability and wellbeing will be taking place in July 2015. Integration and education of youth is very close to our hearts. We are committed to contribute time, experience, our network and resources to enable smoother integration of youth into the world.

  • Equal Opportunities

    Reagent is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities for employment and promotion based on their ability, qualifications and suitability for the work. No job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment because of their race, sex, religion/belief, disability, marital or civil partnership status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or caring responsibilities. As an organisation we welcome and encourage job applications from people of all backgrounds.

  • Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

    We at Reagent believe that only investments with social integration can have sustainable results over the long term. We provide seed or round A investments for social entrepreneurs who integrate culture, rural development, locally sourced skills and materials.

  • Work Experience and Internships

    We recognise that work placements can provide an individual with invaluable career experience and insight into the communications industry and are pleased to support ambitious newcomers to our industry.

Full details of work experience / internships here.

  • Mentorship

    We believe guidance from an effective mentor can be rewarding professionally and personally for both the mentor and mentee. In our multicultural and globalised world, it can be challenging to navigate through professional waters. If you are embarking on entrepreneurship journey, looking for international experience, or simply looking for professional and personal development, we volunteer 5 hours a month to mentorship programmes.

Elena Smirnova, Head of Events oversees the mentoring programme. Email Elena.


We focus on delivering tangible results to clients through a full range of communications services, all delivered in a seamless, forward looking and integrated approach.

Our approach is research driven, strategic, intelligent and insightful. It is based around clearly defined objectives and deliverables.

Our tailor made approach is based on building alliances between stakeholders, vast and diverse networks, bespoke design, and flawless execution.

We bring expertise in the areas of bespoke events production, programme and content development, advertising and branding, public relations and media outreach. Our team provides turnkey solutions for development of international business platforms. We provide review and consultation services for existing business platforms, focusing on structure, sponsorship packages, media relations, registration and constituents’ engagement processes. We develop knowledge products, content and programmes, engage speakers and bring high level participants to your existing platform.

Our specialist event service uses Reagent’s networks to attract influential speakers and attendees, and utilises communications expertise to help amplify our clients’ stories.



People always come first: our clients, their beneficiaries and our team. We live, lead and work with authenticity and integrity. This is what makes our success.


We value relationships over transactions. We also recognise that sometimes it is necessary to give more. Trust-based teamwork is what makes success sustainable over the long term.


Because we love seeing our work lead to a better world, we excel at what we do and deliver powerful results for our clients.


We believe in agility and flexibility – we are open to opportunities that align with our mission and values.


We tackle challenges with a combination of rigorous analysis, inventiveness, and resourcefulness to arrive at original solutions.


  • Start with the Goal

    Best practice is to articulate one primary objective for all events throughout the year from which strategies are derived. Branding, individual meeting objectives, themes, speakers and other elements will follow.

  • Envision and Measure Success

    What does a success mean? Visualising success from the start and obtaining qualitative and quantitative evidence of it at the end of each programme cycle will ensure continuous improvement. The team would work with you to articulate your vision of success for your platform.

  • Use a Collaborative Process

    How things are done is equally as important as what is done and when. From end to end, a collaborative co-creation process will lead to the best results. It is recommended to regularly solicit the feedback of a Programme Advisory Circle that represents diverse worldviews.

  • Strategically Engage Partners and Sponsors

    A solid strategy would engage trusted partners to (1) mutually promote efforts, (2) exchange and share resources, (3) cross-pollenate ideas, and (4) engage in joint projects. The partners should include an array of relevant stakeholders.

  • Leverage Social Media and Digital Technology

    Social media and digital technology is employed to make the programme and its development inclusive, dynamic, fast-paced and efficient. Technology strategy should include, among other elements: (1) soliciting ideas from the general public; (2) promoting each event or initiative; (3) engaging the public in conversation; and (4) collecting feedback from participants.

  • Maintain Continuity

    A flagship session is a critical source of institution-building – a cornerstone of the programme. It is a session that participants can expect and anticipate year after year with the same title and same theme.

  • Innovate and Co-Create for Learning

    Insights occur most when a participant sees or hears something out of the ordinary. Leaders learn best when they are participative and actively engaged. Importantly, individuals sharing new experiences and learning with each other builds trust and community.

Management team

Reagent SA is made up of a globally minded and culturally diverse forward looking team of experienced professionals. We have strong background in turnkey global business platform solutions. Building innovative live initiatives, speaker and audience engagement, public private partnerships, thought leadership, business journalism, strategic marketing and communication, branding, project management, event production and logistics.

Anastassia Aubakirova, CEO 


Former Senior Director, Head of Eurasia, World Economic Forum Member of the WEF Young Global Leaders Community

Anastassia has 8 years of experience in Eurasia, leading strategic initiatives and engaging key business and government decision-makers around regional, industry and global agenda’s. She worked with senior executives and policy makers including heads of state, ministers, heads of international organisations and think tanks, and CEOs. Anastassia is recognised for providing innovative integration strategies for the Eurasia region to access the global landscape.

Anastassia is an established moderator and facilitator at high-level events including Davos and the Harvard Kennedy School. She is also the author of numerous reports and articles.

Anastassia holds an Executive MBA from the IMD, an Executive Leadership and Public Administration degree from the Harvard Kennedy School, and an Executive Leadership degree from INSEAD.

At Reagent Anastassia is responsible for business development and cooperation with the Public sector.

Elena Smirnova, Partner, Head of Events


Former Director, Strategic Partnerships and Head of the Media, Consumer and Health Cluster, World Economic Forum

Elena has 14 years of client management experience with Fortune 500 companies. During her time at the Forum, Elena developed the Russia and Central Asia markets, in addition to North America and Europe, and integrated the largest corporations into major initiatives and communities.

Elena drove the cultural programmes held at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meetings and regional events.
Elena holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from the International University of Geneva, Switzerland.

At Reagent, Elena oversees events execution and developing partnership cooperation with the private sector as well as the mentorship programme.

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